Living, working, enjoying Italy at best!

We talked about our Holiday Working project … smart working with view, about two months ago, since then we have integrated the project with our lifestyle management services.

The trend is to book longer stays in properties suitable for smart working (we have our own careful selection of villas). In order to ensure that a villa is truly considered home away from home, dedicated family services are extremely necessary. We make this possible with our discreet Lifestyle Management alongside the luxury concierge service.

The project consists of three fundamental points:
1. Properties suitable for carrying out smart working (the properties are carefully selected by us)
2. Concierge and lifestyle management
3. AOT insider …authentic experience in contact with local people for sustainable tourism. AOT insider wants to promote Italy through a new type of tourism. Tourists will become part of the local community because unique relationships will also be established with long stays.

Our Lifestyle Management services consist in discreet assistance to family needs: from children’s education, to sports, to the organization of small events (ie birthdays, baby shower, ..), baby sitting in the villa with recreational activities , dog sitting, interpreting service, maid and butler, Personal driver, personal trainer, hairdresser, private security, Car / Super sports car rental, Personal shopper, jet and helicopter charter, Shopping delivery, in addition to the most personal chef classics, booking tickets for any event, booking in restaurants and spas, booking tickets for events, private museum visit, bespoke jewelry, and tailor-made .

The real luxury in life is having more time: more time for the people we love, more time for the things that make us feel good. More time to live life as we like it, and with whom we love most. Time is therefore the most appreciated gift you can give, a precious opportunity to be reserved for loyal customers.
The purpose of our lifestyle management service is to pamper customers by giving them more time to enjoy life in their own way
Our Lifestyle Services are a vast selection of extremely personalized services designed as a concrete support in daily life.