Luxury Discrete Assistance .

We anticipated the Holiday Working trend from the villa in Italy, in Tuscany rather than on the Amalfi Coast, Umbria rather than Puglia. Not only do we have our selection of exclusive villas in Italy, but we have design a unique tailored Lifestyle Management services.

We move to work in places that are “home away from home” and for longer periods with the need for new and absolutely essential services that we can’t do without , our aim is precisely to make your Holiday Working unique. Our lifestyle managers will always be by your side.

Alongside our exclusive VIP concierge service, we provide our discerning clients with the dedicated, discrete and highly personalized Lifestyle Management service. Our network of professional and expert insiders with in-depth knowledge are by your side to assist you whether you are traveling to Italy for business or leisure.

Our dedicated Lifestyle management services:

– Holiday Working in Villa
– Booking services: from restaurant, hotels, spa
• Luxury Car Hire
• Events planning
• Educational
• At home party (birthday party for all the members of your family kids included, baby showers, themed dinners )
• Exclusive Events – Concerts, Red Carpets, fashion shows
• Security services
– Luxury chaffeur service
– Private Jet & Helicopter charter
– Yacht charter
– Personal Shopper
• Personal trainer
• Baby sitting
• Private chef
• AOT insider: Our local Lifestyle Managers will also be at your side to create authentic experiences for you dedicated to improving productivity


Your personal lifestyle manager dedicated to fulfilling every request . Our aim is to help and build a close-knit relationship with you to tailor suggestions considering your preferences and lifestyle.

As the world reopens, we can help you celebrate life: enjoy more of what you love. Safety first.

As a member of our community, we’ll make sure you have access to the experiences that mean the most to you. whether you’re travel for leisure or business or you decide to live in Italy for a while working and enjoying the Italian Dolce Vita.

Since de pandemic has changed our lives we have the perfect solutions for you we combine smart working while living the best of Italy, in private villas selected from our portfolio, with all the dedicated services, from butler to personal chef, from private transfers, to babysitting and security services and much more

We understand that each situation is unique and we are proud to be more flexible than we ever have been before.

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We offer personal lifestyle management services for your luxurious lifestyle requirements.