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Chianti is a territory whose boundaries are defined by the Upper Arno Valley, between Florence and Siena, by the road that joins Arezzo to Siena, and by the Florence-Siena motorway. The eight municipalities (counties) are named after the largest town in each, and of these towns Greve in Chianti is the largest. The area of winemaking excellence sanctified by Cosimo’s decree corresponds to one of the most beautiful parts of Tuscany: this is not just because vineyards turn hills into stripy land art installations; it’s also to do with the fact that good wine – at least in these parts – positively needs the wildness that surrounds the vineyards.

First-time visitors to the area are often surprised by how untamed much of the landscape is, swathes of holm oak, arbutus, hornbeam, ilex and brooms are draped over hills that bristle with wild boar and porcupines. A glance at Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s 14th-century frescoes of the Allegories of Good and Bad Government in Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico demonstrates eloquently that, for the best part of a millennium, Tuscans have seen a well-tended landscape as a kind of moral imperative. Chianti region of Tuscany Chianti region of Tuscany in the panel showing the Effects of Good Government on the Country, olive groves, neat vineyards and small country villas dot the countryside outside Siena’s walls. Attention to food, to its freshness, provenance and preparation is a natural corollary of this Tuscan country ethos


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Blessed with beauty, wine and an unparalleled artistic legacy, Tuscany’s a region that largely lives up to its fame. Its fabled rolling landscape has long been considered the embodiment of rural chic, a favourite of foodies and wine lovers, while its cities harbour a significant slice of the world’s Renaissance art. Florence in itself, boasts more world-class art than many entire Countries.

Famous for its hills outlined by endless rows of cypress trees, majestic castles, thermal spa towns, tiny medieval villages surrounded by olive groves, this is an idyllic region that also features gorgeous emerald green seaside as well as dramatic mountains, all in a very concentrated space. From the fashionable Mediterranean coast to the marble mountains of Carrara, often both visible from one same position, the chestnut forests of the Apennines, the Natural parks with lakes, canyons, thermal springs and grottoes, the luxuriant gardens of the Renaissance villas, olive groves and vines, Tuscany is a fantastic place to visit all year round.

Property Details

Situated in the heart of Tuscany, between Siena and Florence, this spectacular villa is encircled by stunning gardens, offering great views of the surrounding countryside. Dating back to 1400, the entire estate was restructured between 1996 and 1997. The two-year renovation has included the reconfiguration of the interior to provide en-suite accommodation in every bedroom, and the inclusion of air conditioning in both bedrooms and gathering rooms. The villa is reached through an iron gate at the end of a long row of cypress trees. The main structure rises majestically as the focal point of a courtyard ringed with additional accommodations for guests and staff.

A fresh coat of butter coloured paint has been applied to all the buildings. The gardens, patios and recreational facilities are all designed to provide maximum privacy from the house and the estate boasts an open car park set out of sight next to the tennis court. A garden of one hectare surrounds the house with fruit trees, flowering shrubs, roses, flowering vines and cypress trees.

There are characteristic views of green-covered hills, olive groves and vineyards from virtually every vantage point on the property. Following around to the south facade, a broad paved patio, with barbecue, is furnished with iron tables and chairs for 36 people and can be arranged to suit the size and configuration of each group. Retractable awnings provide shade when needed. Five mountain bikes are available for clients’ use.


Cellar and Terrace


The property features a swimming pool and Wi- Fi in all rooms
• The estate is 320 meters above sea level and it’s 5 minutes away from the first village
• The property offers 1,500 square meters of living space and wide spaces of exterior spaces
• The estate features 1 main villa and 2 annexes
• According to occupancy, offers different prices
• 25/31 or 35 according to configuration is the maximum number of guests the property can accommodate


360° View
• Wi-Fi & AC throughout • Alarm System
• Billiard room • Flat plasma TV (living room)
• Flat TVs (all bedrooms) 400 channels • Fully fenced
• Gazebo with electrical capabilities • Helipad 2 km away
• Outdoor Jacuzzi 4 guests (adjacent to swimming pool) • Outdoor BBQ Grill
• Swimming Pool • Pool house with kitchenette
• Play Station/Library • Professional kitchen (staff use only)
• Tennis Court • Sauna • Croquet field


Dining Rooms


Living Area



Swimming Pool

COMPOSITION OF THE ESTATE: 1 Main Villa 2 Secondary Cottages (same quality)

MAIN VILLA (25 GUESTS): Granaio: 1 Billiard Room, 1 Olive Press Room, 1 Wine Cellar – Garden level: 1 Living Room, 3 Separate dining rooms (connected), 1 Professional Kitchen, 1 Suite with (Queen) Double Bedroom and en-suite bathroom – Nobile Floor: Main entrance, TV and Games Room, 1 Chapel, 1 Single Bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 1 Suite with Double (Queen) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom, 1 Double (King) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom, 1 Double (Queen) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom – Nobile Floor North Wing: 1 Double (Queen) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom, 1 Suite with Double (Queen) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom, Terrace – First Floor: 1 Double (Queen) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom, Sitting Room central position, 1 Double (Queen) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom, 1 Double (King) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom, First Floor North Wing, 2 Double (Queen) Bedrooms with en-suite bathroom, 1 Suite with Double (Queen) Bedroom and en- suite bathroom

• DEPENDANCE (6 Guests): Ground Floor: Reception: 1 Double (King) Bedroom and en-suite bathroom – First Floor: 2 Double (Queen) Bedrooms with en-suite bathroom

• OWNER’S ANNEX (4 GUESTS): Apartment with 2 Double (Queen) Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, kitchenette and living room

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