Project Description

Enjoy our exclusive private shopping walking tour, exploring and dining in the stunning historical center of Florence. You will be lead in this experience by a professional tour guide with truly local knowledges.

Discover local designer boutiques from vintage clothing to a diverse collection of cutting edge fashion, local artisan shops also called “botteghe” rich in traditions. Explore the hidden corners and have the opportunity to admire some of Italy’s most famous works of art. Trendy restaurants or traditional Osteria, old fashion or hip wine bars, cafes, and cool local haunts. We can customize the itinerary considering your wishes. This walk is for couples, friends and families with kids.

Fashion Escape in Florence

Florence is the mother of several of the most important fashion maisons in the world (Salvatore Ferragomo, Emilio Pucci, Patrizia Pepe, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, etc…) many of which have written the history of style and still to this day continue to set standards in the fashion world.

The beautiful historic center hosts the most famous designer boutiques, world renowned, and makes a perfect paradise for a guest in search of thrills and excitement. Whether your wish be to revamp your wardrobe or expand it, let our personal shoppers lead you on an intense shopping escapade, the experience the allure of Florence. Our exclusive and professional personal shopper will make the most of this day of shopping, guiding and advising you between the best boutiques in Florence, just right to meet all of your wants and needs. The tour can be personalized according to your specific requests.

Florence Run-Away Bride

Give yourself a few days of relaxation with your closest friends before you tie the knot! Have you ever thought about a mini-escape designed just for you? Shopping, advanced beauty treatments in the most refined Spa in Florence, delicious food and outstanding entertainment… strictly for women only! With our professional personal shopper proposes a fun alternative to the classic bachelorette party offering a series of services dedicated to you and your adventurous partners in crime. A very special way to get charged up together before the big day. We will handle it all for you: all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourselves with massages and some sound shopping! Some one-of-a-kind pampering to gift to yourself and share with your friends!

Men’s Special

All the finest in the upscale menswear collections unveiled to you. Dozens of name brands bringing you the must-haves in world fashion on this tour specifically designed for men. You will find tailor- made suits, ties, shoes and a vast selection of accessories for work, travel and leisure. Enjoy these hot, straight-off-the-runway items all with a top quality guarantee. And if you are not keen on venturing out to shop, remember that our personal shoppers are ready and available to bring it all directly to you, offering you a complete personal shopping experience. This is the perfect choice for any guy looking to renovate or develop his own unique alluring look.


After visiting the museums, admiring the artwork and architecture, eating pizza and gelato, the next (logical) step is to go shopping in Florence.
Drawing on a tradition rich with skilled and talented craftsmen (and women), Florence is your natural choice for shopping not only for high fashion but also for the unique and one of a kind gifts.

Italy is known worldwide for its high quality and striking design – and Florence is an excellent showcase for both, Between luxury boutiques with top name designers, fashion outlets, craftsmen and their workshops to the open air markets you are assured of finding just what you are looking for .

Shop Italian Fashion

Since the 14th century, Via Tornabuoni has housed beautiful, stately palaces of noble Florentine families such as Antinori and Strozzi and now you will find boutiques for Gucci, Prada, Pucci, Cartier and Bulgari (to name a few.) This area is growing and expanding, including Via della Vigna Nuova and Via del Parione where you will find lots of specialty stores, ateliers and workshops.

Shop Antiques and Collectables

Florence was home to one of the most famous antique and collectable dealers in Italy (if not the world): Stefano Bardini. Besides the museum near Lungo Arno, he has left quite a reputation which the local dealers constantly try to best. The streets Via Maggio and Via de’ Fossi are full of important antique shops where you can find valuable artworks and collectables.

Shop Local Artisan

Oltrarno district, is not-so-touristy area of Florence, discovering the small workshops of Florentine artisans is certainly an experience not to be missed. You will learn old traditions visiting small workshop and buy the best of Florentine artisan: goldsmiths, ceramists, bronze workers, paper making and book binding stores.

Shop Jewelry

Tuscany could boast of the fabulous Etruscan gold craftsmen. This is a skill that found itself ingrained in Florence thanks to Lorenzo de Medici and his passion for gold jewelry, and the tradition of going to Ponte Vecchio to find quality pieces is mainly due to Ferdinand I.

Aside from being famous around the globe for its gorgeous and sparkling windows, Ponte Vecchio is also famous for the jewellery shops located on the bridge where you can find lots of handmade, unique jewellery such as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and pins.

We are dedicated to organize Florence Private Shopping Tour in Tuscany for individuals, couples, families and groups.