Project Description

Grande Canal boat tour

Embark on a private boat that will take us to tour the Grand Canal in Venice, defined as “the most beautiful avenue in the world,” talk of its monuments, churches and palaces, but also the people who inhabited it, nobles, artists, courtesans, homes haunted, anecdotes, legends, trivia and either says-that-says. We will return to the Square throughout some smaller channels across the most popular and lively neighbourhoods of the city.

Private Tour Murano, Burano & Torcello

Venice, La Serenissima, is surrounded by many different islands, among these are Murano, Burano and Torcello. To really get an insight into the life pace that differs in each of them and to enjoy the highest quality time, we offers you the most alluring way to explore the it: a bespoke private boat ride and visit to these enchanting islands. To better understand the Venetian culture, you will be invited to visit Murano island that ever since all around the world is known for its glass production – worth-seeing mastery of blowing and shaping the glass, that has a long history as the city itself.

On every corner of Murano, you will have an opportunity to see the locals working on other traditional crafts. If you fancy getting something for yourself, or bringing back home some souvenirs, this will be the greatest chance to do it on the spot. Second stop of our private tour will be the island of Burano, for sure you can recognize it because of its houses painted in bright colors. Here you will have a time to wander around, enjoy a cup of coffee and make some memorable pictures. Torcello, very often perceived as the cradle of Venice, now hosts only a few locals left. The nature and the oldest buildings remaining here, however, are always attracting many people to see the evolution of Venice that is preserved in its architecture and the stories about it.

Private Gondola Tour

Our special private gondola ride will lead you along the amazing canals and lesser known areas to admire the most characteristic palaces in Venice.
You will admire the majestic architectural masterpieces, a succession of bridges and views from a typical gondola ride in Venice. From the Basilica della Salute on the Grand Canal to the intimate and evocative atmosphere of the smaller canals in Venice.

This is the most characteristic way to explore the beauty of one of the most beautiful city in the world. We can customize your gondola experience with a romantic touch: flowers and champagne. For a romantic proposal, a surprise for your loved one, or simply to make everything unique and memorable! Or combine it with a Happy Hour.

Gondola & Photo Shoot tour

Enjoy a Private Gondola Ride Together with a Personal Photographer to immortalize your most beautiful moments. Come on a unique sightseeing tour with a personal photographer who will take pictures on your private gondola ride. Sail on a romantic passage through the cities majestic waterways and let your photographer capture the special moments, This is a s a unique souvenir of your experience in Venice that you can share with friends and family .

Sunset Gondola Tour & Champagne

Enjoy the outstanding beauty of Venice “La Serenissima” at Sunset with a truly exclusive Private Gondola Ride sipping on a glass of Champagne and tasting local delicious snacks! The ultimate sightseeing tour with an assistant who will meet you and guide you during your private gondola experience . You will sail on a romantic passage through the cities waterways and calli enjoying your Champagne.

Venice Private Photoshoot

Our Venice photographers are local and they know all the canals and bridges of the city, they can show you where to stand to get the best picture of your trip.
Tourists often take pictures of the main spots like S.Marco square or Rialto bridge, beautiful but always crowded. By the help of Venice photographers you can take amazing pictures discovering different magic places of the city. We can combine a romantic private gondola ride and private photo shoot for a truly unique experience.

Immerse yourself in memorable activities, while in Venice.