Pandemic is changing our habits, our way of thinking and consequently the way we travel.

More and more people are choosing to travel privately not only for greater comfort and high standards of services or to save time and optimize it, but for safety reasons .
Flying privately decreases the infection risk. For us, your safety comes first and it’s the highest priority.

In a difficult historical moment for travel and tourism, more than ever people are turning to private jet and helicopter charter. Let’s have a look at our thoughts. Several sources report an increase in demand for private flights, we can confirm this , and for 2021 we are working hard to expand our private jet charter service and VIP airport assistance in other European countries . This is to improve connections with private jets and helicopters between Italy and other European destinations.

Lot of people are using our private jet and helicopter charter service. Why? We would say for different reasons: avoid the crowds, be safer, save time, but also simply holidays with a touch of exclusivity and maximum comfort always in compliance with current regulations. Fly directly from your origin to your destination, avoiding transits and minimizing waiting time.

We make the difference as we take care of all the details from the first email. We carefully organize your private flight together with private transfer to reach the airport, VIP airport assistance and security services if required.

It is true, a private flight does not cost like a normal flight but we have different solutions suitable to satisfy different requests .